Tuesday, August 9, 2011

crappiest part of driving

I have only had my driving license for a year and four months. I am really happy to be driving but there are a few little things that I miss. When I was a wandering man, I used to read while walking to and from work or whilst on a bus. Now for those of you who understand driving you know that this is no easy task whilst operating a vehicle. Having bid farewell to days of long walks and bus rides I find that i also lost my companions i.e. my books and sadly I must declare that it has been ages since I have completed a novel.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I am a fairly large comic book fan. With Marvel be at the top of my list. I have never been much of a fan for the Captain America comic though, perhaps it has something to do with his patriotic theme which seems to distance him as a likeable character. When I learn that a movie was in production for Captain America I was not extremely excited but I like many others had to watch the film purely because of its tag line. "The First of the Avengers". Now I have had mixed feelings about the other Avenger films that have preceded this one. Iron-man (both of them) were brilliant with the effescts and had a decent cast but the misplaced wit and poor story did little to capture my interest. Thor on the otherhand was brilliant. Spider-man (all of them) were epic fails. whilst on the topic of Spider-man will this Marvel Giant be present in the Avenger Film to be released in 2012? Hulk was a total failure, even the acting talents of Edward Norton seemed to plumet with the green Giant.
Getting backto Captain America. The funniest part of the whole film was when Agent Smith manifested as General/captain/maniac Shmidt aka Red-Skull. The rest of the movie seemed void of any real wit but plenty of cheese and bad acting. Not even the effects were good enough to make this film worth the while. Am I dissappointed no, a crappy comic book 'Hero' has translated into a crappy movie, it was expected.